Loved by 200+ Brands!The best brands and retailers love and trust Fitle.

60% of online users don’t know which size to pickTurn them into customers thanks to Fitle!


Give more confidence

Ensure website visitors do not think twice about garment size!


Increase your conversion rate

Get website visitors to your confirmation page quicker!


Decrease your returns

Satisfy customers by delivering the right size garment first time!

The most accurate Fit predictor on the market

When implementing size recommendation tools, accuracy is key. Years of research and development in both body morphology and garment modelling have resulted in the creation of a full 360-degree fit solution that puts Fitle way ahead of its competitors.

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Proven results

Our algorithms are tested for years with our 200+ partner brands and the results are unparalleled. Fitle size recommendation or virtual fitting tools increase the conversion on their websites of an average of 14% and reduce by 30% the returns.

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Add a virtual fitting room on your website

78% of users want to try garments before buy. By allowing website visitors to do this through virtual fitting, the customer experience is improved dramatically. Fitle’s pioneering technology is closing the gap between the physical and online shopping experience; resulting in huge upside for our retail partners.

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Compatible with your website

Whether you have a custom website or one developed using known platforms like Magento, Prestashop, WordPress or Shopify, our tool is able to integrate seamlessly. Your dedicated account manager is on hand to ensure a smooth and enjoyable set-up.

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