Our sizing tool on your website in less than 48 hoursSimple and fast.

It has never been easier to integrate a sizing tool into your e-shop. From its conception, Fitle was designed to be easily integrated on your CMS: Magento, Drupal, WordPress Woocommerce, Prestashop, Demandware as well as Shopify. The integration is just as easy in case of a site developed without CMS. Clear documentation and our support team will help you throughout the process.

Kick off and integration planning

As soon as your contract is signed, you are taken care of by a dedicated integration team. Indeed, we have a meeting where we discuss the next steps and validate an integration schedule for your sizing tool.

Sizing charts and product flow

You send us your sizing charts and product flow and we take care of the rest! Don’t you have a sizing chart? Fitle helps you create your own.

Integration of the plug-in and tracking plan

A simple and fast integration thanks to our SDK, compatible with all CMS on the market: Magento, Prestashop, Salesforce Commercecloud, Shopify,…

Customize your plug-in

From your dashboard, you can choose colors, fonts, and angles.

And here we go!

You can track performance as soon as the first purchase ! Indeed, the Fitle sizing tool allows you on one hand to increase your income by 14 %, and on the other to reduce returns by 30 %. Integration requires less than 48 hours ! 🙂

Find out how Fitle’s tool of sizing can help you !