Simply indicates the best fitting size A size recommendation tool simple and intuitive

Fitle is an essential size recommendation tool that reassures your customers during purchase by indicating the right clothing size.

Also, you can analyze the tool’s performance on your website via a dedicated dashboard, while collecting indispensable data to better understand your customers.

The plug-in is positioned on your product page

For example, next to available sizes, so as to facilitate recommendation to users.

Two simple steps for a personalized recommendation

Our recommendation is based on the morphological information and reference brands of your customers. So, strictly from information that your customers have. 

Compare sizes and make the right choice

For each size you can compare comfort. We also take stock availability for each size into account.Customers can add items to their basket directly from the Fitle module.

And that's not all...The Fitle solution goes even further

Monitor performance and analyze customers.

  • Performance data: basket addition rate, conversion rate, return rate
  • Demographic data: morphologies, ages, sizes
  • Behavioral data: shopping habits, reference brands…

We adapt to your brand image

      • The visual aspect of your plug-in can be customized from your dashboard in order to stick as closely as possible to the constraints of your graphic charter. So the size recommendation tool is fully integrated to your website.

The most accurate tool, which is continuously improving.

    • We use machine learning to continuously improve the accuracy of our size recommendations, so that we make no errors, even on atypical morphologies

Find out how Fitle can help you !