How does the sizing recommendation tool works ?Easy to integrate. Easy for your clients to use.

The sizing recommandation tool combines the biggest clothing data base in the world. It also has in-depth knowledge of the morphologies of millions of users. Therefore, we analyze all of our users preferences so that we can learn about their habits.

By adding technical research through machine learning and our fashion and commerce expertise, we were able to develop a tool that is simple yet powerful. It allows you to improve the user’s experience on your website, therefore improving sales and having better understanding of your clients.


What is a sizing chart ?

A size chart represent the measurement of worn clothes. Often a size chart is composed of 3 key measurements : chest width, waist width, hips widths. A brand can have a unique size chart for all its clothes or size charts per category of clothes : shirts, pants, underwear…

Every brand is entirely free in terms of placement, size, design and wording for the Fitle button.

The plugin is also customizable in your dashboard : colors, fonts, shapes and many more.

Build a plugin that reflects your brand image !

The integration of Fitle on your e-shop is done in 3 quick steps : product feed, plugin integration, analytics tracking.

For most of our clients, this represents 0,5 to 1 day of technical development, at most.

The impact of Fitle is instantaneous once it is integrated on on your e-shop : it helps your users choose the right size.

Depending on the KPIs of your e-shop, significative impact in terms of conversion and product returns can be observed in your dashboard after 1 to 3 weeks.

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