Winter sales are over!

Now was the perfect time to redo your winter wardrobe. Wasn’t it a fun activity during the January blues?

Like many things in life… There is a fun part but also a problem during these sales in general: Returned items.

Indeed, in the fashion e-commerce industry, the return of clothes and shoes, is one of the biggest, if not the most important, problem: Especially in the ready-to-wear market, accounting for 65% of all sales, yet generating the most returns in e-commerce. For instance, in France, 24% of products sold in e-commerce are returned. That’s a quarter of all purchases: returned!

Who says returns, says bad news for e-commerce brands.

On average, a returned package costs a brand 15 euros, a cost despised by brands, understandably. Yet, In addition to the cost issue, brands also have to deal with the logistical problems, which is often a demanding and restrictive task. To add to the problem, the unsatisfactory customer experience, often related to the wrong size, also damages the reputation of the brand. To avoid all these problems, brands have put into place a size guide on their website. Most people either (1) don’t know how to measure themselves, (2) don’t have the time to do it, or (3) don’t even own a measurement tape. Safe to say that the size guide does not have a big impact on the drop in returned items.

Fortunately, for any problem, there is a solution!

This solution is called: FITLE.

Indeed, Fitle offers a tool (plug-in) that helps consumers choose the right size when purchasing clothes and shoes online. The goal is to really improve user experience (increasing conversion rates) and reduce brands’ return rates.

Through this innovation, Fitle has proved it’s necessity to it’s fashion partners, by successfully working with more than 50 ready-to-wear e-shops: Maison de LVMH (luxury), Balzac Paris (Premium), Jennyfer (fast fashion), Blackcrows (sport).

There is always a hero to solve a problem. And it seems as though FITLE is this hero when it comes to fashion e-commerce returns rates.