The 3 shopping micro-moments by Google

Have you ever heard about micro-moments?

Keep that in mind: when your customers start shopping, they follow a 3 steps omnichannel path. A Google research team came to this conclusion in 2016.

But what exactly is a micro-moment?

Micro-moments are intent-rich sessions when people turn to their smartphones or other devices to know, go, do or buy something. When adapted to fashion shopping, here are the 3 main steps:

  • “I need some ideas” moment– or when users only have a vague idea of the product category they are interested in. They haven’t made their choice yet on the exact product they want to purchase. In order to find ideas and inspiration, they typically turn to Instagram, Google or Pinterest and mostly look for trends, images and influencers.
  • “Which one’s best” moment– or when consumers have decided what product category they are interested in and they look for the one that fulfills best their needs and expectations. They look for the best product, the best price and the best reviews. They compare brands, prices, reviews, product specifications from trusted sources. During this moment, they typically use their mobile during multiple and short session bursts.
  • “I want to buy it” moment– or when research is finished and it is time for a decision. During this moment, consumers make their choice on the exact product they want to purchase, the brand or the retailer to whom they will buy it and if they purchase it online or in-store.

When thinking about it, it must sound familiar and logical right?

But we selected some discoveries about these micro-moments that we think are particularly relevant when considering improvement of fashion shopping user experience:

  • Mobile usage is increasing over desktop. Even if it is still less popular than desktop or in-store for completing purchases.
  • Online shoppers don’t want to wait anymore. They want to get immediate answers. They consume on shorter but more frequent sessions. So if your pages load times are too long, they will just leave.
  • We live a new paradigm about the purchase journey: it is now omnichannel by default. Most consumers use several channels before completing a purchase (e.g. comparing online, paying and collecting in-store…).
  • Consumers want to be able to compare. Keep this number in mind: 87% of consumers compare before completing a purchase.
  • Visual content is a precious help when making choices about fashion. Almost 60% of fashion related interactions happen on Instagram!

We will very soon go in further details on each of these topics…

How can Fitle help your customers during these micro-moments?

Fitle can be a very useful help to your customers when they are in a “Which one’s best” moment because at this point, they want to compare different aspects about the product they are currently considering, including size and fit. Keep in mind that your customers are not looking for the perfect match, they look for the best option among a set of possibilities. And unless they are loyal to your brand, if you don’t manage to help them compare easily, they will leave to another brand. A research conducted by Ipsos for 360 digital Extrême Sensio agency came to the conclusion that 86% of surveyed people are expecting “relevant advices” from online retailers.

So because customers won’t get satisfied by a single recommandation, Fitle solution has been designed as “compare first”. They also want to be able to compare. Therefore size comparison is a core feature of our plugin.

What about you? Do you think you are truly helpful to your customers and allow them to compare easily?

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