How To Gain Visibility On Your Ecommerce Website Via Content Marketing

In order to increase your ecommerce website’s visibility, here are a few tricks :


  • Use influence marketing to get influent publications
  • Take advantage of influencers  by paid ads
  • Use invisible influence to increase your notoriety
If you apply a content marketing strategy in order to increase your brand awareness, you conversion funnel will always be full.


Why use a hack to gain awareness ?


Sensitizing people about your brand in order to increase its visibility brings benefits that go beyond the simple recognition of your name. The ideal would be that your future clients know what you are up to (in addition to know your name). If you succeed, your clients will recognize your logo, know your services as well as your pricing.


In order to heighten your brand’s awareness, the influence marketing and paid ads on the are a significant hack. The influence marketing is not easy to put in place, but it is worth the investment you will dedicate to it.


1 – Influence marketing


First of all, you must use influence marketing in order to obtain a significant publication.
84% of marketers plan to establish at least one influence marketing campaign in 2017.
The influence marketing is one of the most discussed subjets in marketing and SEO at the moment. It is not surprising because influencers have a lot of power in terms of brand awareness raising.
You have to find an efficient influencer in your domain that counts an important number of followers. When you know that more than 90% of the people tend to trust an influencer’s recommendation, it is very relevant to call one by yourself. This popularity is the direct consequence of traditional advertising’s decline. The best way to make people know your brand is to call someone that is influent


However these influencers can be very costly. You must prepare yourself to negotiate in order to obtain an affordable price from them or from a brand ambassador.


2 – Draw benefits of this visibility


Once you have obtained a relevant publication, you must highlight it via paid ads. Raising a brand’s awareness in 2017 depends mostly on a good reputation and on the quality of the product/service you are offering. Paid ads are a very good way to broadcast a personalized brand image. With the reputation you have acquired through this publication, you are in perfect conditions to seize the opportunity to deploy a content marketing strategy.
The main reason why you should pay for social ads is because they allow you to get in touch with people who don’t know you (yet).
You can benefit from the influencer’s publication in order to find the demographic category that fits the best in your target. You will then orient your campaign toward this category.
For instance, if your demographic target is young girls from 14 to 22, Snapchat and Instagram seem to be the best social networks for your advertising campaign.
If your target is senior executive men in their forties, Linkedin seems to be the best option.
However, paying for several costly advertising campaigns without a clear goal is not an optimal strategy. You have to exploit this publication the best you can because it takes a lot of work to get it.
It is important to understand who you are talking to. What groups are they following ? When are they connected ? Once you have answered these questions, it is time to improve your influence and to widen you visibility.


3 – Invisible influence


The last step of this hack is to use the principle of invisible influence in order to sensitize people to your brand.
Using a tool to create invisible influence enables to attract people who visit the influencer’s publication by leaning on the social proof principle. You can then redirect all these prospects to your website thanks to an ebook or any other marketing support in order to transform them into leads. You can combine this support to a “pixel” that will analyse your prospects behaviour.
In order to use this invisible influence tool :


  • Step 1 : Go on and create a shorten and personalized URL that you will connect to your marketing support.
    You can customize your support in order to redirect your readership toward an registering page. For instance, you can offer them to register to your newsletter. In order to get a better conversion, you should offer them to register on your database.
  • Step 2 : Add the pixel code to your account.
  • Step 3 : After that, you only have to share content via your customized link on facebook in a sponsored ad.
  • Step 4 : Angle your communication in regard of the determined target
       Tip : Dont opt-in, send notifications anyway, this will increase your chances to obtain leads.


With this tutorial, you have now drawn benefits from the influencer, determined a highly targeted audience and you can now analyse your marketing support’s opening rate.
Growing awareness on your brand depends on your reputation, your visibility, but also on the way you are seen by consumers among all the actors of the market.


Finding a way to reach them with this content marketing hack must be one of the priorities of your marketing strategy in 2017.  



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